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Research on means of results-based management for the development consulting project "DEEP"

The main objectives of the results-based management of development study programme is first, to provide an important source of basic information in policy decisions to determine the feasibility of development planning and projects and second, capacity development through consulting services, technical support, the provision of know-how.


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2013 beneficiary satisfaction survey on KOICA's ODA programme worldwide

The 2013 survey aimed to asses overall satisfaction levels and progress with regards to KOICA’s ODA programmes and projects. By analysing factors that contributed to satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction among beneficiary countries, this survey should serve as foundational material from which overall satisfaction and project effectiveness can be gauged.


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Evaluation Report on Policy and Implementation Status of Untying Aid

This study assesses the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of KOICA's policy, strategies and the implementation system of untying aid as well as the representative policy implementation projects were. The study also provides suggestions based on practical implications to improve the system of implementing the policy for untying aid based on the issues, implications and lessons learned from the evaluation are provided.


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2012 Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey on KOICA's ODA Programme Worldwide

This survey aimed to assess overall satisfaction levels and progress with regards to KOICA’s official development assistance programmes and projects from the perspective of aid beneficiaries. Target groups consisted of ministry-level coordination agencies, lower-level coordination agencies,invited trainees of beneficiary countries and volunteer agencies.


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2011 Annual Evaluation Report

This report looks back at the evaluation results of KOICA development programs for 2011.