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2012 Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey on KOICA's ODA Programme Worldwide

This survey aimed to assess overall satisfaction levels and progress with regards to KOICA’s official development assistance programmes and projects from the perspective of aid beneficiaries. Target groups consisted of ministry-level coordination agencies, lower-level coordination agencies,invited trainees of beneficiary countries and volunteer agencies.


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Evaluation report of the Korean Emergency Response System and Results from Past Experiences

The report evaluated the Korean emergency response system and outcomes mainly in terms of the lessons learned from the Haiti earthquake response by dividing analysis into 3 categories systems, preparedness and response.


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Sri Lanka Road Rehabilitation Project

The project was funded by the EDCF in August 1996 and was expected to contribute to Sri Lanka’s social and economic development by strengthening its infrastructure. In addition, it was believed to improve the economic cooperation and mutual prosperity of both Sri Lanka and Korea. Thus, funding the project was considered relevant and appropriate in terms of the EDCF’s purposes and loan policy.


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2011 Annual Evaluation Report

This report looks back at the evaluation results of KOICA development programs for 2011.


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Internet Information Network Expansion (Info-Bahan) Project

The project was deemed a success as a result of assessment according to five evaluation criteria: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. It was ‘highly relevant’ to Bangladesh’s national development strategies, ICT sector development strategy and EDCF’s assistance strategy. The degree of efficiency was measured against project duration, costs, coverage and management of the project and it was rated efficient.


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Ex-post evaluation for three projects of the National Geodetic Control Point Installation in Cambodia

The evaluation found that the organisation of an advisory group that could monitor the overall project was necessary, from the project planning to the execution stage.


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Ex-post evaluation for Kenya water supply projects

This evaluation study is intended to provide ex-post assessment of three water supply projects which were implemented by KOICA in Kenya from 2007-2010 and aims at analysing actual project outcomes and effects.


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Ex-post evaluation for the establishment of ICT training centers

The education and training of ICT were adopted and implemented as a political means to enhance the administrative efficiency in Iraq, and as a direct and indirect political means for economic development in Guatemala.


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Ex-post evaluation of the KOICA Community Development Project for the Resettled Population in Guatemala

The project intended to help refugees from the Guatemalan civil war that lasted 36 years. The evaluation team visited four villages where the project was performed and carried out surveys with every family in those four villages.


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Ex-post evaluation: Upgrading project of the Korea-Vietnam Industrial Technical School

The evaluation looked at the impact and ripple effects of the project in time, focusing on medium and long-term effects.

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