• 31-July-2015

    English, PDF, 1,055kb

    Review of Grant Aid for Countries with Relatively High Income

    This study examined whether the grant aid projects implemented in countries with relatively high income had sufficient significance clarifying the background, objectives and specific, reasons to implement the projects; and their achievements. This study is based on 78 ex-post evaluation reports prepared between the Japanese Fiscal Year 2008 and 2012.

  • 31-July-2015

    English, PDF, 501kb

    Evaluation of Japan's Contribution to the Achievement of the MDGs in the Health Sector

    Japan’s ODA policies in the health sector are generally consistent with the trends in the international community’s assistance shown in the MDGs. However, Japan’s assistance has been mainly for neighbouring countries, while many Sub-Saharan Africa countries have serious health problems. This discrepancy is because of Japan’s “national interest” in creating friendly relationships with neighbour countries through ODA.

  • 31-July-2015

    English, PDF, 468kb

    Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance in Case of Emergency

    Japan’s international emergency assistance has a high level, both in terms of quality and speed. In terms of the total amount contributed over the past 10 years, Japan’s humanitarian assistance ranks 4th in the world. The countries receiving the assistance are geopolitically diverse. The assistance provided has produced outcomes that have the desired effect for the people requiring the assistance.

  • 31-July-2015

    English, PDF, 799kb

    Country Assistance Evaluation of Kenya

    Japan has provided ODA to Kenya through various schemes. However, the recognition of Japan’s ODA to Kenyan citizens is not sufficient. In order to improve this situation, the Government of Japan needs to forge a public relations strategy that clearly appeals to the Kenyan society based on the principles of Japan’s contribution to Kenya’s important development agendas.

  • 31-July-2015

    English, PDF, 1,021kb

    Country Assistance Evaluation of Pakistan

    The evaluation has determined that policy relevance is very high, the results have been effective, and processes have been appropriately implemented; and, from the diplomatic viewpoints, that Japanese assistance to Pakistan has formed the basis of a positive diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

  • 25-February-2015

    English, PDF, 7,631kb

    Japan’s ODA Evaluation 2014

    This annual report provides an overview of ODA evaluation trends in Chapter 1, outlines the results of evaluations conducted mainly in FY2013 at policy and program levels in Chapter 2, and explains the status of follow-ups on FY2012 ODA evaluation results in Chapter 3.

  • 25-November-2013

    English, PDF, 6,083kb

    Annual Report on Japan’s ODA Evaluation 2013

    This annual report, provides an overview of ODA evaluation trends in Japan and the international community. It introduces the outline of evaluation results conducted in fiscal year 2012 by MOFA, related government ministries and agencies, and JICA, respectively. Chapter 3 contains follow-ups on ODA evaluation results by MOFA in FY2011.

  • 31-March-2013

    English, PDF, 4,160kb

    JICA Annual Evaluation Report 2012

    This Annual Evaluation Report 2012 introduces Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) project evaluation system and its efforts to further improve it, and also includes summaries on the results of ex-post evaluations conducted by external experts and of thematic evaluations.

  • 28-February-2013

    English, PDF, 1,648kb

    Country Assistance Evaluation of Nepal

    Nepal is the least-developed country (LDC) in South Asia, with the lowest per-capita income. While the country is working on social and economic development, they are in need of international assistance due to such reasons as harsh geographical conditions. This evaluation targets Japan’s assistance policy for Nepal in general, and in particular analyzes the period from Japanese FY 2006 (April onwards) to the time of this report.

  • 21-February-2012

    English, , 709kb

    Country Assistance Evaluation of Peru

    To maximize the effects of assistance when implementing ODA, prudent selection of a governmental institution that is able to follow through with policies in the long term is essential for effective country assistance in Peru.

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