• 12-March-2014

    English, PDF, 1,732kb

    Fronteras Abiertas: Interregional Network for Cross-border Cooperation and Latin American Integration

    In July 2007, the Italian-Latin American Institute launched the “Fronteras Abiertas” project, in cooperation with the Centre for International Policy Studies, and thanks to the financing provided by the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project was concluded in 2011.

  • 31-March-2013

    English, PDF, 3,988kb

    Ex-post evaluation of the programme “Pilot Activities for Education and Culture" in Macedonia.

    In order to support Macedonia in its effort to put an end to the emergency caused by the armed conflict of February-August 2001, the European Commission and the World Bank organised a conference of Donor Countries in March 2002 in Brussels, acknowledging the requests of the signatories of the Agreements of Ohrid.