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Climate Change and IDB: Building Resilience and Reducing Emissions

This paper describes the approach to be taken by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) to evaluating the assistance of the IDB (or IADB) to responses to climate change. It documents and draws lessons from what the IDB has done over the past decade with a view to making a strong future contribution to increasing climate-change resilience and reducing GHG emissions in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).


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Information and Communication Technologies, Agricultural Profitability, and Child Labor in Rural Peru

The intervention studied here was carried out by the Peruvian Fund for Investments in Telecommunications, which provided at least one satellite payphone, mostly between years 2001 and 2004, to each of the 6,509 targeted villages situated across rural Peru.


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Country Program Evaluation: Chile 2006-2010

The Program achieved gains in the interventions that helped equip the public sectorto reduce opportunity gaps among the population and spur sustainable regionaldevelopment.


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Country Program Evaluation: Dominican Republic 2004-2008

This Country Program Evaluation with the Dominican Republic (CPE 2004-2008) is the second evaluation by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) of the IDB’s programming with the country.


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Country Programme Evaluation: El Salvador 2004-2008

The Bank’s program contained a relatively high percentage of fastdisbursing policy-based lending and a relatively low percentage of direct lending to the private sector without sovereign guarantee.


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Country Program Evaluation: Barbados 2005-2009

This report presents an evaluation of the Bank’s Country Program in Barbados over the period 2005-2009.


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Evaluación del Programa de País: Barbados 2005-2009

En este informe se presenta una evaluación del Programa de País del Banco con Barbados para el período 2005-2009.


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Country Programme Evaluation: Jamaica 2003-2008

The period under evaluation, 2003-8, was marked by the consequences of Jamaica’s financial crisis which had erupted in 1995. During the crisis, the Bank remained the major multilateral partner engaged in the country.


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Evaluación del Programa de País: Argentina 2003-2008

En este informe se presenta una evaluación del Programa de País del Banco con Argentina para el período 2003-2008.


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Country Programme Evaluation: Panama 2005-2009

The main problems identified by the Government of Panama, which it presented as a development model for Panama during the period 2004-2009, stem from the dual model for economic growth.

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