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Evaluation in German Development Cooperation - A System's Review

Evaluations need to improve on measuring impact – including at a higher level of aggregation – a stronger national and inter-national networking of institutions in charge of evaluation and more integration and ownership by partners in the planning and execution of evaluations.


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Introduction of Voluntary Social and Ecological Standards in Developing Countries

The evaluation has shown that standard initiatives can also be an efficient and effec-tive tool for poverty reduction and sustainable development in the African context.


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The Engineering Capacity Building Program in Ethiopia

The program is highly relevant for the current Ethiopian poverty reduction strategy. It is, however, doubtful at present whether it will succeed in achieving its more long-term aims as it has so far over-emphasised the supply side.


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Proyecto Incremento de la Eficiencia Energética y Productiva (PIEEP), Argentina

Objetivo del proyecto: Las condiciones para un mejor uso eficiente y sostenible de recursos en las PyMEs han mejorado y se implementan medidas ejemplares en sectores seleccionados que funcionan como multiplicadores


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The Paris Declaration Evaluation of the implementation of the paris Declaration: Case study of Germany

The overall evaluation is intended to comple-ment the monitoring of the implementation of the Paris Declaration (PD) and encompasses two phases.


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Modernisation of the Agricultural and Food Sector and its approximation to the EU, Albania

The overall objective of the project is to support Albania towards a need oriented and EU oriented agricultural policy. The anticipated impact is to improve the living standard of the Albanian population and to reduce poverty.


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Programme Evaluation - Decentralised governance in support of the national poverty reduction strategy (PADEP), Bolivia

Summary Bolivia remains one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Its national poverty reduction strategy adopted in June 2001 carries forward the decentralisation policy of the 1990s, assigning to the municipal level, i.e. cities and districts, a central role in poverty eradication and hence in the implementation of the strategy. In view of their weak institutional and partially still unstable democratic structures, neither the


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Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano

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