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Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Finnish Aid from the Perspective of Poverty Reduction

This evaluation looked at the contribution of Finland to the natural disaster prevention and mitigation, particularly from the perspective of the poor and the vulnerable.


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The North-South-South Higher Education Institution Network Programme

The current evaluation of the N-S-S Programme examined the five years of implementation of the programme with a view to making recommendations for the next phase.


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Meta-analysis of Development Cooperation on HIV/AIDS

The purpose of the anlaysis is to give an informed basis to clarify and sharpen the scope of Finnish development projects responding to HIV/AIDS and its various dimensions.


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DEMO Finland Development Programme

The purpose of the evaluation is to achieve an overall picture of the development activities of DEMO Finland, which begun in 2006 after a pilot phase from 2004, and to draw lessons for the benefit of future planning.

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Finnish Aid in Western Kenya - Impact and Lessons Learned

The purpose of this evaluation is to asess to what extent the health, livestock and water programmes financed by Finland in western Kenya between 1981 and 2003 have generated direct or indirect impact on the level of development in the areal and on the living standards of the target population.<


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Peer Review - The evaluation function of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The purpose of the Professional Peer Review is to provide the GEF Council, the Assembly, the GEF Secretariat and the Evaluation Office with an independent assessment of the functioning of the GEF EO and the quality of its work.

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Finland´s Development Cooperation in Central Asia and South Caucasus

The evaluation showed that during the last decade or so the Finnish development cooperation in the Central Asia and South Caucasus region has followed very well the development policy outlines of Finland.

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Finnish NGO Foundations

The evaluation confirms that the NGO Foundations are relevant for providing smallscale NGO support. The Foundations assist implementation of Finnish development cooperation policy by supporting key cross-cutting issues and the human-rights based approach to development.

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FIDIDA: An Example of Outsourced Service 2004–2008

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine how successfully appraisal and followup as a part of the administration of NGO projects can be outsourced.

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