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Finnish Aid for Trade

The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the productive and trade capacity of developing countries and to support the development of the enabling business environment.With the downturn of the global economy aid for trade is more important than ever.


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VERIFIN Training Programme on Verification of Chemical Weapons

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an external and independent view on the different dimensions of the training programme, including institutional set-up, programme concept, contents and working modalities.


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Results-Based Approach in Finnish Development Cooperation

The evaluation is meant to deepen the understanding of the results-based approach and management requirements. Managing for results depends not only on technical methodology, but also on the way the development cooperation programme is organised and managed.


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Finnish support to the energy sector

The energy sector evaluation is one of the three sub-themes in the larger umbrella evaluation “The Sustainability Dimension in Addressing Poverty Reduction”.


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Bi-annual report 2009-2010 of Development Evaluation

The weaknesses of the development cooperation of Finland included the rigidityof the organisation, and the highly centralised decision-making. The Ministry was neither particularly receptive to constructive criticism nor was it an organisation which harnessed lessons from the past.


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Agriculture in the Finnish Development Cooperation

The evaluation concentrates on the Finnish support to the agriculture during the period 1995-2008 and covers mainly the following four partner countries: Zambia, Mozambique, Vietnam and Nicaragua.


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Evaluation: Transition Partnership with Egypt

The Finnish Government decided in 2001 to phase out the traditional bilateral development cooperation of Finland to Egypt by the end of the year 2007. This decision was reconfirmed in the Government's development policy of 2004.


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The Sustainability Dimension in Addressing Poverty Reduction: Synthesis of Evaluations 2010:4

This Synthesis of Evaluations brings together a total of 22 programmatic and thematic evaluation reports commissioned during 2008-2010 by the development evaluation office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


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Evaluointiraportti 2010:5/III: Forestry sector. Preliminary Study

Forestry sector is one of the major development cooperation sectors of Finland. The global significance of forests and support to this sector has increased markedly with the growing knowledge and awareness of the climate change and its impact on economic and social development.

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