• 5-May-2015

    English, PDF, 1,078kb

    The EBRD Shareholder Special Fund – Interim Evaluation

    The evaluation assesses the operation of the SSF against several criteria for relevance and efficiency, specifically its role and added value within the EBRD’s business model and strategic objectives; and, its efficiency. The evaluation provides findings derived from analysis of operational data and documentation, and the views of participants in the SSF process.

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  • 30-September-2012

    English, PDF, 349kb

    EBRD – Italy Western Balkans Local Enterprise Facility

    This study examines the extent to which LEF (Local Enterprise Facility) fulfills its objectives. The framework was found to match the Bank’s regional approach and country strategy priorities. Several recommendations were made including: to target higher level transition impact, avoid overlap with partner institutions, and to articulate the objectives and approach to new countries into the framework.

  • 14-June-2011

    English, , 996kb

    Sustainable Energy Initiative: Phase 1 Strategic Review

    The report assesses how well the EBRD has implemented the programme's objectives and how this has furthered the Bank’s transition objectives on a country and regional basis in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change sectors.

  • 22-November-2010

    English, , 2,473kb

    The EBRD's Response to the 2008-2009 crisis

    This study, carried out by the Bank’s independent Evaluation Department, focuses on the crisis response from an EBRD perspective and is grounded in the EBRD's unique mandate and instruments.

  • 17-November-2010

    English, , 548kb

    Agricultural Finance Facility: Tajikistan

    The report evaluates the performance and impact of the technical cooperation programmes put in place to support the Tajik agricultural finance framework by providing working capital finance to Tajik farmers as part of restructuring the agricultural sector.

  • 26-October-2010

    English, , 981kb

    EBRD Shareholder's Special Fund

    Established in April 2008 with the net income that the Bank achieved in the previous year, its function is to facilitate the Bank’s operations by financing technical cooperation (TC) measures and non-TC support.

  • 14-July-2010

    English, , 2,503kb

    Annual Evaluation Report 2010

    The report looks at evaluations from 1998-2009, and highlights lessons learned from projects in 2010.

  • 29-July-2009

    English, , 2,364kb

    Annual Evaluation Report 2009

    The report provides a synthesis of the findings from projects 1996-2008 and presents an overview of performance whereby transition impact, additionality, financial and environmental performance are key indicators.

  • 18-June-2008

    English, , 2,499kb

    Annual Evaluation - Overview Report for 2008

    The Annual Evaluation Overview Report (AEOR) synthesises the findings of the EBRD’s Evaluation Department (EvD), regarding the Bank’s mandate performance, helping the Bank to fulfil its accountability obligations towards the Board of Directors.

  • 17-June-2008

    English, , 993kb

    Special Study: Agribusiness Operations

    This review is an evaluation of the EBRD's Agribusiness Sector Operations Policies and past performance in the agribusiness sector.

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