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The macroeconomic impact of HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS interventions

By providing a better understanding of the evidence about existing approaches and their strengths and weaknesses the study is meant to enable policy discussions on the most efficient way to fight the disease, as well as to facilitate better and more systematic future assessments of HIV/AIDS interventions.


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Addressing the Underlying and Basic Causes of Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries: What works and why?

The primary objective of this Evaluation Study is to synthesise the available evidence on what works (or does not work) and why in nutrition programming to address the underlying and basic causes of undernutrition in high burden countries


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Evaluation Study 2008/1: Synthesis of Evaluations of HIV/AIDS Assistance

The basis for this study is the evaluations made by bilateral and multilateral donors of their HIV/AIDS programmes. This Evaluation Study includes a synthesis of main findings and recommendations of these evaluations and studies.