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Evaluation of Danish Support for Financial Services in Tanzania

The evaluation covers Danish support to the financial sector in Tanzania from 2003 to 2008. The overall objectives of the evaluation are to assess the outcomes achieved from the Danish support to financial services in Tanzania during that period.


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Evaluation of the Decentralisation of Danish Aid Management

The DAC Peer Review of Denmark (from 2007) invited Denmark to evaluate its decentralised aid management.


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Evaluation Study on Experiences with Conducting Evaluations jointly with Partner Countries

Since 1999 the Evaluation Department (EVAL) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Denmark has commissioned and taken the lead on a number of evaluations jointly with country partner institutions in countries such as Benin, Bhutan, Ghana, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda.


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Addressing the Underlying and Basic Causes of Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries: What works and why?

The primary objective of this Evaluation Study is to synthesise the available evidence on what works (or does not work) and why in nutrition programming to address the underlying and basic causes of undernutrition in high burden countries


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Evaluating Aid Effectiveness in the Aggregate: Methodological Issues

The purpose of the present Evaluation Study is to discuss the methodological problems researchers are facing in gauging the impact of aid on economic growth.


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Evaluation of Danish Regional Support to Peace and Security, Regional Integration and Democratisation in Southern Africa

This report presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation of Danish regional support to peace and security, regional integration and democratisation in Southern Africa, covering the period 2003-07.


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Impact Evaluation of Aquaculture Interventions in Bangladesh

The objective of the Evaluation was to assess the impact of Danida-funded Aquaculture Interventions on the socio-economic position and physical well being of people within the intervention areas in Mymensingh, Noakhali and Patuakhali.


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2008/5 Public Private Partnership Programme

This evaluation study focuses on the performance of Danida's Public Private Partnership Programme covering the first four-year period of its existence from May 2004 to June 2008.


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2008/04 Economic Empowerment of Women

This Evaluation Study synthesizes knowledge about how and when specific projects and/or policy interventions work to increase gender equality and to foster economic development through increased empowerment of women.


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Evaluation conjointe du Programme danois de Pays du Bénin, 1990-2006

This evaluation covers all Danish bilateral development cooperation with Benin since 1990.

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