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Evaluation of the Paris Declaration - Phase 2 - Mozambique

The principle role the Paris Declaration seems to have played in Mozambique, given that all elements of the Aid Effectiveness agenda were in place prior to 2005, seems to have been to maintain momentum.


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Evaluation of the Paris Declaration - Phase 2 - the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

This is a joint evaluation that assesses aid effectiveness in Afghanistan, as set out in the 2005 Paris Declaration and the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action.


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The Developmental Effectiveness of Untied Aid: Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration and of the 2001 DAC Recommendation on Untying ODA to the LDCs

This report presents the results of Phase I of a thematic study being undertaken to assess the effectiveness of untied aid.


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Synthesis report of the evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration

This report is an early evaluation and focuses on ways of improving and enhancing implementation, rather than giving any definite judgement about effectiveness.

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