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Review of the Effectiveness of CIDA's Multilateral Delivery Channel

The Review was conducted by the Evaluation Division in response to a request by Treasury Board Ministers for “an advance review of CIDA's multilateral delivery channel to be provided to the Treasury Board Secretariat within two fiscal years, by March 31, 2009”.


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Evaluation of CIDA’s Program in Ghana 1999-2005

This evaluation covered Canadian investments of $215 million over the 1999 to 2006 period. The evaluation found that CIDA's Program in Ghana made positive development contributions during the period under review.


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Evaluation of CIDA’s Implementation of its Policy on Gender Equality

This executive report presents key findings and recommendations from the Agency-wide Evaluation of CIDA's Implementation of its Policy on Gender Equality, and is based on the multiple lines of enquiry of the study.


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How to perform gender equality evaluations

This Guide is designed to help CIDA’s managers, evaluators and partners integrate the assessment of Gender Equality (GE) results throughout the evaluation process.


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Review of the Afghanistan Program

Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest nations. Most Afghans lack the basic services and necessities. Years of war and destruction left much of the country’s infrastructure in shambles.


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Evaluation of the PUMA-CASA Project - Final Report

The PUMA-CASA Project is part of the Canadian response to the December 2004 tsunami that affected several countries surrounding the Bay of Bengal. The project aims to provide disaster relief to 6 coastal villages of the Tamil Nadu State in India.


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Institutional Evaluation of Disabled Peoples’ International

Disabled People’s International (DPI) is an international advocacy organization representing associations of disabled people (National Assemblies - NAs) from 135 countries.

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