• 24-June-2015

    English, PDF, 1,017kb

    Evaluation of the Australia-Vietnam country strategy 2010-15

    The primary purpose of this evaluation is to assist in the delivery of the remainder of DFAT’s existing country strategy in Vietnam (2010-15) and to inform future country strategy development and execution. This is achieved by assessing the effectiveness of DFAT’s development and implementation of the country strategy, the indicative results obtained and the legacy of past Australian aid investments.

  • 4-May-2015

    English, PDF, 1,022kb

    Gender and Development in Belgian Cooperation

    The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the integration of the gender dimension in Belgian development cooperation. The evaluation concludes that Belgian development cooperation, in general, has not succeeded in making a substantial contribution to gender equality. Only a small number of organisations manage to integrate gender in a way which ensures that a significant contribution is made to strengthening gender equality.

  • 14-November-2014

    English, PDF, 112kb

    Mid-term review of the third Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) 2011-2015 in Vietnam - Executive summary

    The independent Mid Term Review of the current Indicative Cooperation Programme with Vietnam (ICP3 for the period 2011- 2015) evaluates the different interventions are evaluated at sector level. It has a mandate to identify options for updating ongoing interventions, reshaping the organizational framework and identifying new opportunities to strengthen collaboration with Vietnam. Executive summary

  • 23-September-2014

    English, PDF, 1,367kb

    Meta-evaluation of KOICA's TVET program : a case study on Vietnam

    This evaluation aims to examine the effectiveness of KOICA's technical and vocational education and training projects (TVET). In particular, in cases where the TVET sector is selected as a priority sector in the government-wide Country Partnership Strategy. It aims to inspect whether the context of a specific country is properly reflected to achieve results for individual projects and for the TVET sector as a whole.

  • 23-September-2014

    English, PDF, 314kb

    Meta-Evaluation of interventions undertaken by the Luxembourg Cooperation in the subsector of professional training in hospitality and tourism - abstract

    The Meta-Evaluation assesses interventions undertaken by the Luxembourg Cooperation in the sub-sector of vocational training in hospitality and tourism in four partner countries: Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Lao PDR and Vietnam. It aims at providing an aggregation of findings based on existing documentation, previous evaluations, as well as a field mission conducted in the first quarter of 2014. English abstract

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  • 23-September-2014

    French, PDF, 880kb

    Méta-Évaluation des interventions de la Coopération luxembourgeoise dans le sous-secteur de la formation professionnelle en hôtellerie et tourisme

    Ce rapport analyse les interventions entreprises par la Coopération Luxembourgeoise au Développement dans le sous-secteur de la formation professionnelle dans les domaines de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme dans quatre pays partenaires : le Cap vert, le Nicaragua, le Laos et le Vietnam.

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  • 18-August-2014

    English, PDF, 896kb

    Ex-post evaluation report on the project for establishment of an e-procurement pilot system in Vietnam

    The purpose of this ex-post evaluation study was to examine whether the project was well conducted and thus achieved the goals and expected outcomes, focusing on long-term effects. Overall, the e-procurement pilot system was evaluated "successfully implemented" by getting 9 out of 12 points.

  • 18-August-2014

    English, PDF, 844kb

    Ex-post evaluation report on the third phase of the project for upgrading the Korea-Vietnam friendship clinic in Hanoi

    KOICA seeks to fulfil its purpose of promoting people’s health in developing countries both by enhancing the health and medical environment and by improving the access to health and medical services. It is therefore, necessary to conduct an ex-post evaluation for terminated hospital construction projects, analysing the success factors as well as the limitations thereby drawing future-oriented recommendations for health projects.

  • 12-August-2014

    English, PDF, 2,541kb

    Ex-post Evaluation Report on the Project for Establishment of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College in Danang

    Thanks to the establishment of the IT college, many Danang IT major hopefuls are now able to get involved in the quality IT training, consequently providing well-qualified IT workers in the community. Also, it helped vitalize the local market economy as well as contributed to attract some enterprises in the IT complex in Danang such as IT Park and hi-tech Zone.

  • 30-September-2012

    English, PDF, 2,786kb

    Independent Evaluation of Delivering as One

    This report summarizes the work of the independent evaluation of lessons learned from the Delivering as One (DaO) pilot countries. The Delivering as One approach emerged from a process of intergovernmental decision-making on the UN system’s operational activities. Triennial comprehensive policy review resolutions adopted in 2001, 2004 and 2007 called for a strengthening of the UN development system.

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