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The Philippines - Annual program performance update 2006–07

In April 2006, the AusAID policy framework identified the Philippines as a country where aid efforts would be expanded. This annual program performance update captures the results of two program assessment exercises by AusAID staff.


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Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards: Project Case Studies in the Philippines

The case studies presented in this report were conducted in preparation of the special evaluation study of the Asian Development Bank's 1995 Policy on Involuntary Resettlement.


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Evaluation on the Effect of Microfinance on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women

The Microfinance Development Strategy of ADB, approved in 2000, was formulated to support the development of high quality, sustainable microfinance services to poor and low-income households and their microenterprises.


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Evaluation on ADB's Private Sector Development and Operations

This evaluation study reviews trends in foreign direct investment, noting the rapid growth in private capital flows in developing member countries, followed by a severe contraction following the Asian financial crisis.


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Special Evaluation Study on Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards

This study evaluates the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) 1995 policy on involuntary resettlement. Sixteen case studies of ongoing and completed projects with significant involuntary resettlement were done in the People’s Republic of China, India, and the Philippines.

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Mid-term evaluation : breaking through barriers to growth -- expanding the scope and scale of credit with education in two regions

The purpose of the current five-year Matching Grant (MG) program is to expand the quality and reach of integrated microfinance and life-skills training services to serve 200,000 clients in the Philippines and West Africa.


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Evaluation of Spanish Assistance for Integrated Livelihood (SAIL) Programme Camiguin Island, Philippines

De acuerdo con los términos de referencia establecidos, el objetivo general perseguido por la evaluación del Programa SAIL ha consistido en comprobar si la actuación de la Cooperación Española se adecua, con carácter general, a los objetivos señalados en la Ley 23/1998, de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, entre los que se cuentan la reducción de la pobreza, la promoción del desarrollo sostenible, la defensa de los


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Evaluation of NGOS's Grants and Funds Programmes in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Philippines

Mediante esta misión se pretendía evaluar el instrumento denominado Programa de Subvenciones y Ayudas a ONGD e Instituciones sin Fines de Lucro, a través del análisis de proyectos concretos desarrollados en Haití, República Dominicana y Filipinas y cofinanciados por la SECIPI1 en los años 1994 y 1995.

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