• 6-October-2015

    English, PDF, 950kb

    Evaluation of the Dutch Contribution to Transition in the Arab Region (2009-2013)

    This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the response of the Dutch government to the Arab uprisings and its support to: democratisation; the rule of law; and economic growth. The Ministry funded a range of projects, however, less support was provided to governments in transition than to civil society. Findings show that the implementation of support to Arab countries is far from easy because of the volatile context.

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  • 19-June-2015

    English, PDF, 1,193kb

    Navigating a sea of interests : policy evaluation of Dutch foreign human rights policy 2008-2013

    The Netherlands is an important player in the field of human rights in multilateral forums and in the framework of the EU. Applying a variety of instruments, the Netherlands has contributed to the promotion of human rights. Results include the adoption of UN resolutions and EU Council decisions. A critical note can be made with regard to the degree of coherence between foreign human rights policy and economic policy.

  • 18-November-2014

    English, PDF, 1,774kb

    Synthesis of Budget Support Evaluations

    This report presents a synthesis of the seven evaluations of General and Sector Budget Support, undertaken in Tunisia, Mali, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Morocco over 2010 - 2014.

  • 26-October-2011

    English, , 303kb

    Impact Analysis of the Determinants of the Demand for Financial Services in Rural Morocco

    The study, which began in 2006, capitalised on the start of Al Amana’s activities in rural areas and aimed to quantitatively measure the economic impacts of microcredit in remote rural areas.

  • 31-August-2011

    French, , 633kb

    Évaluation partenariale des projets d’appui à la gestion des parcs nationaux au Maroc

    Les cinq projets étudiés sont sensiblement différents, autant dans leur montage que dans leur mise en oeuvre, ce qui ne facilite pas leur suivi au niveau central, ni leur coordination. La présentation descriptive des projets a été handicapée par l’absence d’indicateurs communs au niveau national

  • 8-March-2011

    English, , 924kb

    Country Assistance Evaluation of Morocco, 1999-2009

    The report found that there has been a positive trend in AfDB participation in policy dialogue, but its capacity and added value in policy dialogue remains limited.

  • 24-August-2010

    French, , 399kb

    Capitalisation des démarches pour la mise en oeuvre des projets de formation professionnelle: Tunisie et Maroc

    L’AFD devrait alors situer son action dans le cadre d’un appui, par chaque administration, à la mise en oeuvre de sa stratégie de formation professionelle. L’AFD pourra ainsi apporter sa contribution dans divers domaines.

  • 14-January-2009

    French, , 556kb

    La coopération décentralisée franco-marocaine (2001-2008) - Synthese

    La coopération décentralisée franco-marocaine est sans doute aujourd’hui, tant du point de vue du nombre de partenariats que de la qualité des relations entre collectivités, la plus fertile du pourtour méditerranéen.

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  • 11-December-2008

    Spanish, , 1,619kb

    Evaluation of the Spanish Cooperation with Morocco

    La Dirección General de Planificación y Evaluación de Políticas de Desarrollo (DGPOLDE) de la Secretaría de Estado de Cooperación Internacional, en desarrollo de su plan anual de evaluación, convocó mediante concurso público la realización de la evaluación país de la Cooperación Española con Marruecos durante el periodo 2001-2004 más el año transitorio 2005. El presente informe constituye el resultado de esa convocatoria reflejando

  • 20-October-2008

    English, , 737kb

    Poverty, Access to Credit and the Determinants of Participation in a New Micro-credit Program in Rural Areas of Morocco

    This paper describes the economic living conditions of the population in dispersed rural areas of Morocco and analyses their response to the introduction of a new micro-credit program.

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