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Mongolia: Urban Development Sector

The objective of this rapid sector assessment (RSA) (the evaluation) is to provide an independent assessment of ADB’s assistance to the Mongolian urban development sector and to identify areas for further improving the effectiveness of its interventions.


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Financial Sector in Mongolia - Transition to a Market Economy Built on Successful Financial Reforms

This sector assistance program evaluation report presents an independent evaluation of Asian Development Bank (ADB) assistance to the financial sector in Mongolia.


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Mongolia: Education Sector

This rapid sector assessment (RSA) aims to provide an independent evaluation of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) assistance to the education sector in Mongolia, and to identify areas for further improving the effectiveness of ADB interventions.


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Transport and Trade Facilitation - Potential for Better Synergies in Mongolia

Transport and trade are key drivers of economic development in Mongolia, a landlocked country.


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Contract-Financed Technical Co-operation and Local Ownership, Mongolia Country Study Report

This evaluation deals with contract-financed technical co-operation (KTS) as a particular aid form in Swedish development co-operation. In Particular the study explores the link between local ownerhip and the various characterstics of KTS projects, such as being demand-driven, limited in time, scope and financial volume, involve a competent local partner and based on a contract between a consultant and a local partner (LPO),

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