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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Laos and Sweden

This evaluation provides an overview of the results and lessons of the bilateral development co-operation from 1974 until Sweden closed its embassy in 2011. Furthermore, it attempts an assessment of how and if this assistance contributed to reducing poverty in the country.


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Lao People's Democrative Republic: Vientiane Urban Infrastructure and Services Project

The urban sector in the Lao People's Democratic Republic is at a nascent stage. Improving this sector has become critical to national development, just as increased urbanization also led to a call for enhanced urban management through decentralization.


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People's Republic of China: Harbin Water Supply Project

The Harbin Water Supply Project was envisaged to supply clean water to urban Harbin from a reservoir on the Lalin River as a viable alternative to the traditional but polluted water source, the Songhua Reiver.


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Lao People's Democratic Republic: Environment and Social Program

This program performance evaluation report presents the findings of an evaluation of the Environment and Social Program in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.


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Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Lao People's Democratic Republic: Sustainable Growth and Integration

This country assistance program evaluation (CAPE) aims to assess the performance of the Asian Development Bank country strategies and assistance programs for the Lao People's Democratic Republic during the CAPE period of 2000-2009.


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Sector Assistance Programe Evaluation for the Energy Sector in Lao People's Democratic Republic

The Asian Development bank has made substantial contributions towards creating energy infrastructure in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.


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Sector Assistance Program Evaluation form the Transport Sector in the Lao People's Democratic Republic

The Asian Development bank has made substantial contributions to building transport infrastructure in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.


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Performance of ADB Assistance to Agriculture and Natural Resources - Evidence from Post-Completion Evaluations

Cross-country studies show that growth in gross domestic product originating from agriculture is at least twice as effective in reducing property as the growth of gross domestic product originating outside of agriculture.


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Lao People's Democratic Republic: Rural Access Roads Project

The Rural Access Roads Project was designed to improve welfare and reduce poverty by providing access to markets and livelihood opportunities in various parts of the Lao People's Democratic Republic.


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Service Delivery for the Poor - Lessons from recent evaluations of Australian aid

A synthesis report of recently completed evaluations of the Australian aid program’s efforts to improve the delivery of basic services for the poor.

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