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Ex-post Evaluation Report for Public Service Capacity Building Projects

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the Korea International Cooperation Agency’s training programme for capacity building in public sector.


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Working Beyond Government: Evaluation of AusAID’s engagement with civil society in developing countries

The evaluation recommends that Australia build on current strategic approaches for engaging with civil society, work with local systems and partners, and apply good practice in the design of individual programs.

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Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative in Indonesia - Management Response to the Independent Evaluation

Many of the recommendations in the report were taken into account in the design process for Phase 2, including what activities should be supported. The new design has clear objectives and rationale and emphasises strong engagement with the Government of Indonesia.

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Evaluation of the Paris Declaration - Phase 2 - Indonesia

There is clear indication of direct contribution of the Paris Declaration, provided the principles are integrated into a nation wide program.


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Indonesia Partnership for Maternal & Neonatal Health

The Program provides technical assistance and additional funds to provincial and district level governments with the aim of them effectively managing a range of resources to progressively meet Millennium Development Goal targets for maternal and child health.


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Special Evaluation Study on Post-Completion Sustainability of Asian Development Bank-Assisted Projects

For multilateral development banks, projects are conceived primarily as investment interventions. Assessment of sustainability is centered on the continuity of project outcomes over the life of the project.


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Indonesia Strenghtening Public Procurement Program

The program's overall purpose was to assist the Government of Indonesia to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the national public procurement system.


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Smallholder Agribusiness Development Initiative

The overall goal of SADI was to achieve a sustained increase in rural growth and household incomes through productivity gains, better access to markets, and on and off-farm value-added activities in 4 target provinces of Eastern Indonesia.


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Indonesia Reality Check Main Study Findings - Basic Education Program

This Reality Check provides insights into how activities under the AusAID-Indonesia Basic Education Program have been translated into experienced reality of people living in poverty.


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Indonesia Basic Education Program

The Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program's objective is to support the Government of Indonesia in improving equitable access to higher quality and better governed basic education services in the targeted, disadvantaged areas

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