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Agricultural Water Management: An Evaluation of the Bank's Assistance in Ghana and Mali

Agricultural water management projects present particular challenges and therefore require very careful planning, design, and execution to avoid failures or leave the beneficiaries worse off.

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Assessment of Development Results: Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Ghana, 2002-2010

The objective of this evaluation was to identify progress made towards objectives, and to assess the value of UNDP's contribution to Ghana from 2002-2010.


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Evaluation of the Paris Declaration - Phase 2 - Ghana

This evaluation assesses the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness, development effectiveness and poverty reduction, looking at development and process outcomes.


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Country Assistance Evaluation of Ghana -Summary-

This report is a summary of the “Country Assistance Evaluation of Ghana” undertaken by the External Advisory Meeting on ODA Evaluation requested by the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan.


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Thematic Evaluation of Support by Danish NGO's to Civil Society in Ghana and Ethiopia

This thematic evaluation of the support of Danish NGOs to civil society in developing countries has been commissioned by Danida’s Evaluation Department.


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Developing Smallholder Rubber Production - Lessons from AFD’s Experience

This evaluation aims to learn lessons from AFD’s intervention methods to support the development of smallholder rubber plantations.


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Joint Evaluation of the Ghana-Denmark Development Cooperation - 1990-2006

This evaluation covers all Danish bilateral development cooperation with Ghana since 1990.


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Evaluation of CIDA’s Program in Ghana 1999-2005

This evaluation covered Canadian investments of $215 million over the 1999 to 2006 period. The evaluation found that CIDA's Program in Ghana made positive development contributions during the period under review.


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Ghana: Country Assistance Evaluation

Ghana is well endowed with natural resources as evidenced by its rich soils and favourable climate for agriculture which remains the mainstay of the economy. Agriculture accounts for 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs about over half of the labour force.


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Ghana: Country Assistance Evaluation Summary note

This note provides a summary of the ongoing Ghana Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE).

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