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Joint evaluation of conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The general difficulty is the distance that separates donors from local realities, which this type of approach does not resolve. The projects follow one another, but with very weak links between them, as the programming does not favour sequencing.

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Real-time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative - Country Report: DRC

This evaluation addresses Norway's contribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the development of an international regime to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.

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Country Programme Evaluation- DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO

This evaluation of DFID’s country programme in DRC is commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department. These studies are intended to improve performance, contribute to lesson learning and inform the development of future strategy at country level.

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DRC Common Assistance Framework

The Country Assistance Framework (CAF) is a process by which a number of donors have developed a common strategic approach for economic assistance to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the post-elections period.


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Support to Internally Displaced Persons - Learning from Evaluations. Synthesis Report of a Joint Evaluation Programme

Efforts to improve the institutional arrangements in relation to IDPs (principally within the UN) have been taking place within the context of wider efforts to improve coordination in humanitarian operations.

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