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Evaluation de la mise en oeuvre de la Déclaration de Paris - Phase 2 - Cameroun

En vue de la mise en oeuvre de la Phase 2, il sera important pour le Cameroun de définir sa politique de coopération au Développement et de s'approprier les stratégies et méchanismes de financement.


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Chad and Cameroon - Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project; Cameroon - Petroleum Capacity Enhancement Project; Chad - Petroleum Sector Management Capacity-Building Project; and Chad - Petroleum Economy Management Project

The evaluation finds that the program's fundamental development objective o f reducing poverty and improving governance in Chad through the best possible use of oil revenues in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner was not achieved.


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Les outils de la coopération française avec le Cameroun 2001-2007 - Évaluation ex post conjointe

L’évaluation des outils de la coopération française au Cameroun porte principalement sur la qualité du partenariat et du dialogue dans la mise en oeuvre des instruments de coopération.


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Cameroon, review of the Bank Assistance to the Multisector, 1996 – 2004

This report assesses the Bank Group’s assistance to the multi-sector in Cameroon over the 1996-2004 period. Multi-sector assistance covers policy-based loans and grants, technical assistance programs, and institutional support for capacity building.


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Cameroon: Evaluation of Bank Group Assistance to the Transport 1996 - 2004

The objective of the study is to evaluate Bank assistance to Cameroon in the transport sector, as well as its impact on the country’s development, within the framework of the Bank’s strategies during the period 1996-2004.


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Cameroon: Evaluation of Bank Group assistance to the social sector 1996 - 2004

The purpose of evaluating Bank assistance to the social sector in Cameroon is to examine the consistency of the Bank’s policy and strategies in the sector with those defined by the Cameroonian authorities.


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Cameroon: Evaluation of Bank Group Assistance to the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector 1996 - 2004

The main objective of this evaluation is to conduct a systematic assessment of Bank assistance to Cameroon's agriculture and rural development sector, in terms of Bank and national strategies and assistance through lending and non-lending operations.