• 22-February-2016

    English, PDF, 1,592kb

    Evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

    This evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) corporate programme performance from 2012-2015 builds on previous assessments, including the Mid-Term Evaluation and the Triennial Review. The evaluation looks at ensuring accountability and learning from DFID political governance portfolio interventions. The study seeks to learn lessons to support future WFD programming and political governance programming by DFID.

  • 8-September-2014

    English, PDF, 2,295kb

    Evaluation and strategic review of the South Asia food and nutrition security initiative

    The South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative was established to help improve food and nutrition security in South Asia, home to the largest number of poor people in the world. The initiative particularly sought to address the “South Asia Enigma”: chronic and widespread under-nutrition in South Asia coexisting with sustained rapid economic growth. The

  • 12-March-2014

    English, PDF, 1,082kb

    ART GOLD 2 Programme in Albania

    This report presents the findings of the external on-going evaluation of the project called ART GOLD 2 Albania, ‘2’ meaning the second phase, based on a review of relevant documents and interviews with project stakeholders and beneficiaries. In practical terms, the project aimed at creating wide-ranging partnerships to approach development potentials and respond to social needs in a comprehensive and participatory way.

  • 30-September-2012

    English, PDF, 2,786kb

    Independent Evaluation of Delivering as One

    This report summarizes the work of the independent evaluation of lessons learned from the Delivering as One (DaO) pilot countries. The Delivering as One approach emerged from a process of intergovernmental decision-making on the UN system’s operational activities. Triennial comprehensive policy review resolutions adopted in 2001, 2004 and 2007 called for a strengthening of the UN development system.

  • 8-October-2008

    English, , 1,388kb

    Regional Programme Evaluation: Western Balkans, 2003 - 2007

    This evaluation of DFID’s regional programme in the West Balkans is one of a series of regular Country and Regional Programme Evaluations (CPEs/RPEs) commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department (EvD).

  • 28-December-2006

    English, , 843kb

    Modernisation of the Agricultural and Food Sector and its approximation to the EU, Albania

    The overall objective of the project is to support Albania towards a need oriented and EU oriented agricultural policy. The anticipated impact is to improve the living standard of the Albanian population and to reduce poverty.

  • 27-December-2005

    English, , 1,796kb

    Evaluation of Austrian Cooperation with Albania 1991/1992 - 2004

    Purpose and Objective of Evaluation Within the International Cooperation, activities and projects are increasingly subsumed into programmes which are strategically oriented and focus more on structural impact contributing to transformation and development processes. A central concern of the international community is how to increase the efficiency of International Cooperation and how to align donor policies with the national

  • 19-July-2004

    French, Excel, 522kb

    Convention d’objectifs avec Cité Unies France (2000-2003)

    La présente évaluation est consacrée à la « Convention d’objectifs triennale passée entre le ministère des Affaires étrangères (MAE) et Cités Unies France (CUF) pour la promotion dans la durée de la coopération décentralisée. Cette convention s’inscrit dans une double histoire, celle du MAE et celle de CUF. Il est par conséquent utile de resituer rapidement ce contexte avant d’examiner les particularités de cette convention, ses

  • 1-October-2003

    English, , 362kb

    Evaluation of the Austrian Mine Action Programme 1998-2002

    Field Study about the projects supported by Austria, in South-East Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro/Kosovo)

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