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Evaluation of the Instruments of Business Partnership Programmes

This report is a summary of an evaluation of the Business/Development Partnership (WiPa) Program conducted between March and December 2008 by the Global Public Policy Institute.


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Country Programme Evaluation Serbia 2006 - 2008 Final Report

This is a report of an independent evaluation of the Austrian Country Programme Serbia 2006-2008. The evaluation was commissioned by ADA with the purpose of drawing conclusions and recommendations for the programming of the future Austrian Cooperation with Serbia.


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Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration in Uganda - Phase 1

This report sets out the findings of an independent Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration in Uganda, which are expected to feed into the on-going evaluation of Uganda’s national Poverty Eradication Action Plan.


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Evaluation of Austrian Cooperation with Albania 1991/1992 - 2004

Purpose and Objective of Evaluation Within the International Cooperation, activities and projects are increasingly subsumed into programmes which are strategically oriented and focus more on structural impact contributing to transformation and development processes. A central concern of the international community is how to increase the efficiency of International Cooperation and how to align donor policies with the national


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Evaluation of the Austrian Mine Action Programme 1998-2002

Field Study about the projects supported by Austria, in South-East Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro/Kosovo)

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