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Morocco: Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Public Utilities Sector

This evaluation of Bank Group assistance to Morocco covers the period from 1996 to 2004. It covers lending activities as well as non-lending activities such as studies, assistance, policy dialogue, and portfolio review and aid coordination.


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Morocco – FISAP And PDEI Project Performance Evaluation Report

This report was prepared following a FISAP and PDEI performance evaluation mission to Morocco from 11–28 April 2005. It draws on the appraisal and completion reports of these programmes.


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Ghana: Country Assistance Evaluation Summary note

This note provides a summary of the ongoing Ghana Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE).


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Operations Evaluation Department Activity report - Second Quarter 2005

The third quarter of the year will start with increased confidence for the substantial completion of OPEV’s ambitious work programme for 2005.


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Review of 2002-2004 Country Strategy Papers

This review assesses the 2002–2004 CSPs against these six guiding principles.


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Mauritania : Country Assistance Evaluation

This report evaluates the Bank Group’s assistance to Mauritania by focusing on the 1994-2004 period.


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Rwanda: Evaluation of the Bank's Assistance to the Social Sector

The major objective of this evaluation is to review systematically the assistance of the Bank to the social sector in Rwanda.


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Mali : Bank Group Country Assistance Evaluation

This report evaluates Bank Group assistance to Mali for the 1994-2004 period. It was prepared under very difficult conditions.


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Manual Monitoring and evaluation guidelines Private sector projects funded by ADB

This manual provides detailed formats for monitoring and evaluation reports.


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Mid-Term Review of the Microfinance Initiative for Africa (AMINA) of the African Development Fund (ADF)

The program, established as part of the poverty reduction strategy of the Fund, had as its objective linking the poorest to more formal credit delivery mechanisms, including those of commercial banks.

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