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Financing Partnership Facilities

This special evaluation study presents an independent evaluation of the implementation of Asian Development Bank's first three financing partnership facilities in the areas of water, regional cooperation and integration, and clean energy.


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People's Republic of China: Harbin Water Supply Project

The Harbin Water Supply Project was envisaged to supply clean water to urban Harbin from a reservoir on the Lalin River as a viable alternative to the traditional but polluted water source, the Songhua Reiver.


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People's Republic of China: Tianjin Wastewater Treatment and Water Resources Protection Project

The Tianjin Wastewater Treatment and Water Resources Protection Project aimed to improve the urban environment by reducing environmental contamination thruogh improved wastewater management, and the quality of raw water supply in Tianjin.


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Water Policy and Related Operations

When the water policy of the Asian Development Bank was approved in 2001, water was widely viewed as one of the greatest global challenges. The challenge was accentuated by, among others, population growth, urbanization, and changes in climatic patterns.


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Urban Sector and Water Supply and Sanitation in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Evaluation of the Programs of ADB and Other Aid Agencies

The scope of this evaluation of developments in the urban sector and WSS covers the years 2001-2008.


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Urban Services and Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Viet Nam

The main objective of this sector assistance program evaluation (SAPE) of urban services and water supply and sanitation (WSS) in Viet Nam is to contribute to the country assistance program evaluation (CAPE) of 2009.


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Viet Nam: Second Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project

In August 1995, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved pro technical assistance to the Government of Viet Nam for the formulation of the S Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project.


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Mongolia: Urban Development Sector

The objective of this rapid sector assessment (RSA) (the evaluation) is to provide an independent assessment of ADB’s assistance to the Mongolian urban development sector and to identify areas for further improving the effectiveness of its interventions.


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ADB Assistance to Water Supply Services in Metro Manila

The objectives of this special evaluation study (SES) are to assess the performance of ADB assistance to the Government for improving water supply services in Metro Manila and to draw lessons for future partnership operations.


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Best Practices in Irrigation and Drainage: Learning from Successful Projects

A Case Study from the 2006 Annual Evaluation Review In 2004, the Asian Development Bank updated the sector and thematic classification and identified irrigation and drainage (ID) as one of the subsectors under the agriculture and natural resources sector.

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