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Lao People's Democrative Republic: Vientiane Urban Infrastructure and Services Project

The urban sector in the Lao People's Democratic Republic is at a nascent stage. Improving this sector has become critical to national development, just as increased urbanization also led to a call for enhanced urban management through decentralization.


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Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste: Emergency Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, Phases 1 and 2

The Trust Fund for East Timor was established in 1999 under the trusteeship of the International Development Association to assist in the provision of emergency assistance and to help expedite a return to normalcy.


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Indonesia: Has the Multi-subsector Approach been Effective for Urban Services Assistance?

In early 2009, the Indonesia Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank requested the Independent Evaluation Department to conduct an urban services study to provide sector-specific input to the forthcoming ADB country partnership strategy for Indonesia.


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Indonesia: Metropolitan Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi Urban Development (Sector) Project

The Independent Evaluation Department included evaluation of the Metropolitan Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi (BOTABEK) Sector Project in its annual work program for 2009 in order to gather information for its review of the urban sector in Indonesia.


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ADB Assistance for Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development - Potential for more Success

This evaluation study covers two decades (1988-2008) of related ADB operations. This special evaluation study is intended to provide inputs to formulating strategies and business plans for implementing further ADB support to PPP operations in developing member countries.


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Asian Development Bank's Contribution to Inclusive Development Through Assistance for Rural Roads

The notion of inclusive development has been embedded in one form or another in the operations of the ADB since its establishment, and ADB has provided assistance to developing member countries toward that end through policy dialogue and development interventions.