• 16-December-2009

    English, , 311kb

    Irrigation and Drainage

    This sector synthesis report presents evaluation findings in the irrigation and drainage sector; identifies the key factors affecting project performance; and highlights the major issues.

  • 16-December-2009

    English, , 1,330kb

    ADB Support for Public Sector Reforms in the Pacific: Enhance Results through Ownership, Capacity and Continuity

    This special evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of Asian Development Bank support for public sector reforms in Pacific developing member countries.

  • 6-August-2009

    English, , 211kb

    ADB Technical Assistance for Justice Reform in Developing Member Countries

    This is the first special evaluation study on the Asian Development Bank's technical assistance for justice reform in its developing member countries.

  • 3-September-2008

    English, , 371kb

    2008 Annual Evaluation Review: Lessons from a Decade of ADB Country Assistance Program Evaluations

    The purpose of this review is to outline the evaluation activities of OED in 2007, summarize the performance of ADB projects and programs, and synthesize the key findings and lessons from 2007 evaluation reports to guide future operations.

  • 3-September-2008

    English, , 63kb

    Acting on Evaluation Recommendations in 2007

    This report focuses on ADB Management's responses to earlier recommendations.

  • 16-April-2008

    English, , 254kb

    Learning Lessons with Knowledge Audits

    This paper describes the knowledge audit methodology developed in 2007 to tie in with the department's audiences.

  • 1-February-2008

    English, , 676kb

    Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration at the Asian Development Bank: A Development Partner's Study for an OECD-DAC Joint Evaluation

    The purpose of this evaluation study by the Operations Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank is to contribute to the first phase evaluation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development-Development Assistance Committee joint evaluation of the Paris Declaration. 

  • 3-March-2003

    English, , 712kb

    Special Evaluation Study of the Asian Development Fund VI-VII Operations

    This report provides an assessment of how effectively ADB has been able to harness ADF to meet the challenges facing the region over the last decade and what the impact of ADF has been. It seeks to answer the following key questions:(i) Has ADB fulfilled its obligations and the commitments made during the ADF VIand VII replenishment discussions?(ii) Has ADB reoriented its overall strategy and operational priorities to supportpoverty

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