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Evaluation of the Bilateral Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration

General Budget Support (GBS) has been an important part of Dutch development cooperation to Nicaragua over the years 2005-2008, representing about one-third of total bilateral aid to Nicaragua.


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Asian Development Bank– Global Environment Facility Cofinanced Projects: Performance and Process Evaluations

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), established in 1991, provides grants and concessional funds to address the world’s global environmental issues.


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Evaluation on ADB's Private Sector Development and Operations

This evaluation study reviews trends in foreign direct investment, noting the rapid growth in private capital flows in developing member countries, followed by a severe contraction following the Asian financial crisis.


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Indonesia - Social Protection Sector Development Program

The Social Protection Sector Development Program (SPSDP) was designed andimplemented in response to socioeconomic distress caused by the 1997 Asian economic crisis.


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Special Evaluation Study on Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards

This study evaluates the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) 1995 policy on involuntary resettlement. Sixteen case studies of ongoing and completed projects with significant involuntary resettlement were done in the People’s Republic of China, India, and the Philippines.

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Performance Evaluation Report on the Private Sector Infrastructure Facility in India

This report evaluates the performance and achievements of ADB's loans to the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited and Industrial Finance Corporation of India Limited in promoting private sector participation in infrastructure development.


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Pathways Out of Rural Poverty and the Effectiveness of Poverty Targeting

This special evaluation study (SES) arises from the increasing importance the Asian Development Bank (ADB) places on poverty reduction, which has become the overarching goal of its operations.


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Technical Assistance in Support of the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre in the Pacific Island Countries

Between December 1994 and December 2004, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved seven technical assistance (TA) grants totaling $3.6 million to support the operation of the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) administers PFTAC, a regional project based in the Fiji Islands that provides services to 15 Pacific island countries (PIC). A group of multilateral and bilateral


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Sector Assistance Program Evaluation for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

This report by the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) evaluates 20 years (1986–2005) of Asian Development Bank (ADB) support to agriculture and natural resources (ANR)development in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR).


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Sector Assistance Program: Evaluation for the Social Sectors in Pakistan

This report evaluates 20 years (1985–2004) of Asian Development Bank (ADB) support to social sector development in Pakistan.

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