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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

Reports on macro-economic situation

Macro-economic projections

Information on government budget


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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

[ Key indicators(IMF's Dissemination Bulletin Board)]

[ Releases by Statistics Denmark] [ Press releases of Eurostat]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ]

[ Euro/Danish krone (end-of-day graph)] [ Euro/Danish krone (end-of-day graph)] [ To make a customised graph of the Danish krone]

[ Capital market rates(table, monthly data)]

Stock market index: [Intraday graph]

Reports on macro-economic situation

[ Ministry of Finance: quarterly economic report]

[ quarterly Monetary Review of the Danish central bank]

[ Halfyearly report of the Economic Council]

[Economic reports of Den Danske Bank(major private bank) ] [IFKA newsletter] [ Quarterly Economic Outlook of Nordea]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: summary country note and country forecast table] [OECD Economic Survey] [ Other OECD documents focussed on Denmark] [ IMF country page] [ European Commission: country pages]

Macro-economic projections

[ The Economist Poll of Forecasters]

[ Ministry of Finance(May 2009)]

[ Quarterly Economic Outlook of Nordea]

[ OECD] [ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ] [ IMF]

Information on government budget

[ Ministry of Finance: Budget information]

[Convergence Programmes and excessive deficit procedures (including Commission assessments and Council opinions)]  [Commission reaction and Council opinion

[ Current information on government debt]


[ Governor of the central bank]

[ Prime Minister]

Important home pages

[Denmarks Statistik]

[Danish central bank ]

[Ministry of Finance] [Prime Minister Office] [Danish Government Homepage]

[Economic Council]

[IFKA] [ Other research institutes]

[ Copenhagen Stock Exchange (OMX)]

[ Confederation of trade unions (LO)] [ Confederation of Danish industries] [ News on industrial relations]

Real-time/daily news: [ Newsroom Ministry of Foreign Affairs] [ Jyllands-Posten(in Danish)] [ Borsen Online(in Danish)][ Aktienyt(in Danish)]

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