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OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Romania

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Published on June 28, 2016

During the past few years, Romania has recovered well from the global financial crisis. However, the country still faces structural problems, including poor competitiveness, that limit economic growth. Against this background, the OECD Competition Assessment Project analysed legislation in three sectors of the Romanian economy: construction, transport and food processing. Using the OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit to structure the analysis, the OECD identified 227 problematic regulations and made 152 specific recommendations on legal provisions that should be amended or repealed. This report identifies the sources of those benefits and, where possible, provides quantitative estimates. If these recommendations are implemented, there should be benefits to consumers in Romania and to the Romanian economy in all three sectors.


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Preface by Bogdan M. Chiriţoiu
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In 2014, a project to review three key sectors of the Romanian economy was launched.  Making use of the methodology in the OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit, over 895 pieces of legislation were analysed in order to assess costs and benefits of regulations restricting competition in the designated sectors and proposed specific recommendations for change. 

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