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28/10/2019 - FDI falls 20% in the first half of 2019 

New OECD data and analysis reveal Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows decreased by 20% compared to the last half of 2018, to USD 572 billion. The uncertainties regarding trade tensions and prospects for future economic growth likely contributed to the decrease. On the other hand, the immediate impacts of the 2017 US tax reform, which reduced US outward FDI flows and, thus, global FDI in 2018, appear to have lessened so far in 2019.

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Accompanying Excel tables  FDI aggregates up to Q3 (updated January 2020)


Past issues of FDI in Figures


29/04/2019 - FDI to Latin America down by 6% in 2018  l Español


10/04/2019 - OECD report on the contribution of international business investment to the SDGs








FDI regulatory restrictiveness index

The FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index (FDI Index) measures statutory restrictions on foreign direct investment in 58 countries, including all OECD and G20 countries, and covers 22 sectors.

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Trade, FDI and global value chains 

International trade and FDI are the main defining features and key drivers of global value chains.  For the first time ever, these statistical notes for OECD countries provide evidence on the role played by investment in global value chains.

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FDI statistics database

Access the data on OECD.Stat (categorised under "Globalisation")

Access metadata underlying FDI statistics by partner country and by industry for OECD countries

The new FDI statistics database covering FDI statistics from 2014 onwards went online in March 2015. 

Full list of frequently requested data found on the FDI statistics database 

Content and structure of the FDI statistics database according to BMD4

Access data prior to 2014 

OECD benchmark definition (BMD4)

The FDI statistics database uses data compiled with "BMD4"- The 4th edition of the OECD Benchmark definition of FDI (BMD4) provides operational guidelines on how foreign direct investment activity should be measured and sets the world standard for collecting direct investment statistics.


Explaining the new features in BMD4: More information on how BMD4 impacts our compilation of FDI statistics.


Brochure on the major changes introduced by BMD4 


Note on the FDI statistics database according to BMD4


Explanatory notes on OECD FDI statistics


Glossary of FDI terms

Data collection calendar

Aggregate FDI statistics are updated quarterly, four months after the end of the reference quarter and revisions to earlier periods.

Detailed FDI statistics by partner country and by industry are updated annually, in the second half of December of the year after the reference year and incorporate revisions to earlier periods.


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