Guidelines for multinational enterprises

Conference on International Corporate Responsibility Instruments


Putting Convergence into Action

15-16 October 2012 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi

Organised by the OECD and ESCAP, this 2nd Asia-Pacific regional conference on corporate responsibility (CR) was organised as an integral part of the 2012 Asia-Pacific Business Forum.


The conference addressed three main themes:

The new landscape of international CR instruments: convergence and conherence
Objective: To give an overview of the recently transformed landscape of international Corporate Responsibility (CR) instruments – new instruments and revised ones – and to demonstrate how this new landscape provides a more convergent and coherent framework for companies operating in Asia.

Tools for integrating international CR instruments to company management
Objective: To highlight the key features of the increasingly convergent management paradigm for CR: riskbased due diligence, reporting, stakeholder engagement; and discuss how business in Asia and the Pacific can implement and benefit from it.

To increase understanding of CR tools and provide examples of good practices by business in Asia and the Pacific.

Implementing social dialoge and problem solving in Asia and the Pacific
Objective: To demonstrate how social dialogue and access to consensual and non-adversarial means such as mediation and conciliation can
contribute to the resolution of societal issues linked to company operations.

To explore how “good offices” mechanisms such as that provided by OECD National Contact Points can play a constructive role in resolving
corporate responsibility challenges in Asia.



Conference on corporate responsibility in Asia: Why responsible business conduct matters, 2-3 November 2009, Bangkok, Thailand







OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights

ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility

IFC Sustainability Framework



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