International investment

FDI statistics workshop on measuring globalisation


Better data for better lives 

20 March 2014 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France

International investment has defined the evolution of the global economy over the past two decades. Most of the growth in international investment is accounted for by multinational enterprises (MNEs) who employ nearly 80 million people. Global sales from MNEs are roughly double world exports and a third of global trade is intra-firm. International investment is the backbone of global value chains, channelling capital, goods, services, and technology to countries around the world. 

In the face of this growing complexity, this workshop sought to address the overarching question of whether the data we are using to measure and analyse globalisation is up to the task, and if it isn’t, what could be done? Are there ways that we can collect data on FDI and MNEs faster and more efficiently? What are the new sources of data that could be used to understand the global economy?

The workshop consisted of three panel sessions. The first focused on FDI statistics. The second on other ways of measuring globalisation. The third examined one of the defining features of globalisation, the global value chain, from an international investment perspective.


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Agenda (pdf)

Background documents for Panel 1

How does FDI impact on real investment by foreign-owned companies? (pdf)

A new standard for compiling and disseminating FDI statistics (pdf)



FDI Statistics - OECD data, analysis and forecasts

FDI in Figures - February 2014 (pdf)

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises




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