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  • 10-July-2006


    OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Russian Federation, 2006

    The 2006 Investment Policy Review of the Russian Federation examines developments in Russia's regulatory investment environment since the publication of the 2004 Review, focusing on investment policy transparency and effective implementation. It includes recommendations to move capital control reform forward, to adapt least-restrictive approaches to legislation on "strategic sectors" and to strengthen Russia's international

  • 9-June-2006

    English, , 636kb

    OECD Risk Awareness Tool for Multinational Enterprises in Weak Governance Zones

    The OECD Risk Awareness Tool for Multinational Enterprises in Weak Governance Zones aims to help companies that invest in countries where governments are unwilling or unable to assume their responsibilities. It addresses risks and ethical dilemmas that companies are likely to face in such weak governance zones, including obeying the law and observing international instruments, heightened care in managing investments, knowing business

  • 30-May-2006

    English, , 352kb

    Investment Newsletter, May 2006, Issue 1

    The first issue of the Investment Newsletter focuses on recent policy analyses and new tools designed to enhance the positive contribution of investment for growth and sustainable development worldwide.

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  • 11-May-2006

    English, , 338kb

    Policy Framework for Investment

    Adopted by the OECD Council on 11 May 2006, the objective of the Policy Framework for Investment is to mobilise private investment that supports economic growth and sustainable development. It thus aims to contribute to the prosperity of countries and their citizens as well as to support the fight against poverty. Drawing on good practices from OECD and non-OECD countries, the Framework proposes a set of questions for governments to

  • 11-May-2006

    Spanish, , 627kb

    Marco de acción para la inversión

    El Marco de acción para la inversión es un instrumento que propone una lista de preguntas importantes que deben ser examinadas por cualquier gobierno preocupado por establecer un entorno favorable para los inversores y por que la sociedad – y sobre todo su población pobre – se beneficie en mayor medida de los frutos del desarrollo. A este respecto, el Marco pretende hacer progresar la aplicación del Consenso de Monterrey de Naciones

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  • 11-May-2006

    Polish, , 510kb

    Podstawy poliltyki na rzecz inwestycji

    Translation into Polish of the Policy Framework for Investment by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Polish Ministry of Economy.

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  • 11-May-2006

    Chinese, , 682kb



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  • 11-May-2006

    Japanese, , 103kb


    Japanese translation of the Preamble and Part I of the Policy Framework for Investment adopted by the OECD on 11 May 2006.

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  • 18-April-2006


    OECD Investment Policy Reviews: China, 2006

    The 2006 Investment Policy review of China evaluates the progress made in developing an effective institutional framework for cross-border mergers and acquisitions in China, takes stock of remaining obstacles, and offers policy options to address them.

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  • 3-March-2006

    English, Excel, 263kb

    Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement in Infrastructure Projects - Working Paper 2006/2

    This working paper summarises information available in the public domain about investor-state dispute settlement in the infrastructure sectors.

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