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3rd Meeting of the OECD Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Network

 22 October 2018  Paris, France

The meeting featured a high-level session to launch the Mapping of Investment Promotion Agencies in OECD Countries and previewed the forthcoming Mapping of Investment Promotion Agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean. These publications provide a benchmarking and analysis of IPAs based on a comprehensive survey jointly designed with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Senior IPA representatives, investment promotion practitioners and policy makers from OECD and emerging economies met in Paris on 22 October to share their experiences and discuss good practices on investment promotion and facilitation. Focus topics included:

  • How to measure and maximise the impact of FDI on economic growth and other socio-economic objectives (e.g. sustainable development)

  • Monitoring and evaluation of IPAs: how to improve monitoring and evaluation tools to measures IPA activities 

  • How institutional characteristics of IPAs affected their investment promotion strategies 

The event also featured side-events with a regional focus, including a seminar that presented and discussed the preliminary results of the survey of IPAs in Middle East and North Africa in the framework of the EU-OECD Programme on Promoting Investment in the Mediterranean. Please view the agenda of the seminar



3rd IPA workshop agenda, 2018



3rd IPA summary, 2018


Mapping of IPAs by country and region

The OECD is conducting a series of surveys of IPAs for OECD countries and different regions. These surveys provide comparative evidence across agencies, categorise their profiles, and explain existing trends and practices in investment promotion and facilitation.

The survey results for OECD countries were launched on 22 October 2018. The survey results for Latin America and the Caribbean and for the Southern Mediterranean will be launched in 2019. IPA surveys are also beginning in Southeast Asia and in Countries of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.



2nd Workshop OECD IPA Network l Summary 2017

1st Workshop OECD IPA Network l Summary 2016

About the Network

The OECD contributes to global thinking on investment promotion and facilitation and supports IPAs and policy makers to make the most appropriate choices through analysis and experience sharing. The Network brings together senior investment promotion practitioners from OECD and partner countries to facilitate peer-learning and experience sharing on issues of common interest.

The Network operates under the auspices of the OECD Investment Committee.



Mapping of investment promotion agencies in OECD countries

Policy Framework for Investment

Country investment policy reviews

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