International investment

International Investment - schedule of meetings


Investment-related events organised by the OECD are listed below. Although this list is updated regularly, please note that the dates of events can change at short notice. Attendance to OECD meetings is by invitation only.


Investment Committee


16 Mar

Conference on Investment Treaties: Policy Goals and Public Support, Paris, France

16-20 Mar

Investment Committee and subsidiary bodies, Paris, France

22 April

Advisory Task Force on the OECD Codes of Liberalisation (ATFC), Paris, France

17-19 Mar

Working Group on International Investment Statistics, Paris, France

4-6 May

9th meeting of the ICGLR-OECD-UN  forum on responsible mineral supply chains, Paris, France

18-19 June

3rd Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct, Paris, France

15-19 June

Investment Committee and subsidiary bodies, Paris, France


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Middle East North Africa Investment Programme 

Information about events taking place within the framework of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme is available at