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  • OECD Business and Finance Outlook

    This report looks at the way in which companies, banks, institutional investors and shadow banking intermediaries are operating in the low growth and low interest rate environment and the build-up of risks in the financial ‌‌system.

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  • Corruption and the smuggling of refugees

    Corruption is one of the primary facilitators of refugee smuggling. In order to fight this crime, and help refugees safely realise their rights, the international community must understand the intricate connections between corruption and refugee smuggling.

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The Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs helps governments to improve the domestic and global policies that affect business and markets. We identify policies and best practices designed to keep markets open, competitive and sustainable while combating market abuses and economic crime through international co-operation.



Bribery in international business
Corporate affairs
Financial consumer protection
Financial education
Financial markets
Pensions and retirement savings
Public debt management

Anti-Bribery Convention
Competition assessment toolkit
Corporate governance principles
Due diligence guidance in minerals and mining
G20 financial consumer protection principles
Guidelines for corporate governance of state-owned enterprises
Guidelines for fighting bid rigging
Guidelines for multinational enterprises
Policy framework for investment


African central government debt statistics
Central government debt
Foreign direct investment
FDI regulatory restrictiveness index
Insurance markets
Pension markets