Public debt management

Annual meeting of the Working Party on Public Debt Management


The OECD Working Party on Public Debt Management holds annual meetings which bring together debt managers from OECD countries.


The 2010 annual meeting took place on 4-5 October with discussions focusing on:

  • debt structure and risk metrics
  • crisis experiences and lessons for debt management from the OECD area
  • measuring sovereign risk

The 2009 annual meeting took place on 21-22 October with discussions focusing on:

  • the impact of guarantees and re-lending on the operations by DMOs
  • expansion and maintenance of investor bases 
  • rating issues
  • secondary market liquidity, the scope and usefulness of market-making (MM) obligations and the role of repo markets
  • survey on the use of derivatives by local authorities


The 2008 annual meeting took place on 14-15 October with discussions focusing on:

  • sovereign asset liability management
  • the impact of international investors on domestic government bond markets
  • changes in the use of short-term government paper

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