Funded and private pensions

Brazil/OECD International Conference on Private Pensions in Latin America, 11-13 May 2008, São Paulo, Brazil


The Brazil/OECD International Conference was organised as a part of a series of international events to celebrate 30th anniversary of the National Secretariat of Pension Funds – main regulatory and supervisory authority responsible for the operation of closed private pension funds industry in Brazil.


As most of the governments of most Latin American countries have made overhauling their pension systems a policy priority, the Brazil/OECD International Conference on private pensions provided a valuable opportunity to present and discuss insightful countries’ views and experiences on major issues pertaining to private pension reform process in the Latin American region. The topics of the conference included: (1) Brazilian Private Pension System; (2) Private Pension Regulation in the International Context; (3) Risk-based Supervision of DC and DB arrangements; (4) Complementary Pension System worldwide; (5) The Role of the Supervisory Agency; (6) Pension Fund Governance; (7) The Challenge of Investment Choice and Costs; (8) Longevity Risk and the Pay-Out Phase of Private Pension Systems.


The conference brought together a high-level audience composed of governmental officials from regulatory and supervisory agencies, pension fund industry representatives and academics from Latin America and the OECD Member countries. Apart from Brazilian participants from the region, also representatives from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and others attended the international conference.




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