Funded and private pensions

2009 OECD/IOPS Global Forum on Private Pensions in Latin America


14-15 October 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The OECD/IOPS Global Forum on Private Pensions examined reform progress and recent pension fund industry developments in Brazil and in the Latin American region in general, focusing on the main challenges facing defined contribution (DC) privately-managed individual pension schemes which are the main type of retirement arrangements in the region, including risk- transfer and the design of pay-out phase.


The Global Forum also provided an opportunity to discuss innovative regulatory policies/initiatives designed to improve the design of DC systems and will examine the challenges and advantages of promoting/setting up the hybrid pension arrangements.


A special session was devoted to investment strategies of private pension plans, where the findings of the joint OECD-World Bank research project on measurement of investment performance were presented and recommendations to policymakers were discussed.


The Forum was attended by senior governmental officials, leading pension policy experts, pension fund industry leaders from the OECD and the IOPS member countries and the Latin American region.

Session 1: Pension Industry Development in Brazil


Session 2: Roundtable on the impact of and policy responses to the financial and economic crisis from Latin American Pension systems



Session 3: Retirement savings adequacy in DC plans - Contributions and Coverage


Session 4: Mixed plans: Risk sharing in hybrid DB systems


Special session:OECD – WB research on Investment Performance of Privately Managed Pension Funds


Session 5:   Human Capital and Life-cycle Investing


Session 6: Policy recommendation to policy makers and regulators




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