OECD Insurance Statistics


The insurance industry is a key component of the economy by virtue of the amount of premiums it collects, the scale of its investment and, more fundamentally, the essential social and economic role it plays by covering personal and business risks.

Since 1982, the OECD has collected and analysed data on various insurance statistics, as well as discussing relevant methodologies. Data are collected from official bodies in OECD countries on the number of insurance companies and employees, insurance premiums and investments by insurance companies. The scope of data collection also extends to gross claims payments, gross operating expenses and commissions. The data are available from 1983 onwards and are broken down under numerous sub-headings. More recently, key balance sheet and income statement items were also added to the OECD’s statistical framework for insurance.


OECD Insurance Statistics Yearbook - February 2015

Global insurance market trends - December 2014

Insurance statistics database

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