Latin America: 10th OECD-IAIS-ASSAL Conference on Insurance Regulation and Supervision


26-30 April 2009  – Ixtapa, Mexico

Since 1999, Conferences on Insurance Regulation and Supervision in Latin America are organised on a yearly basis by the OECD together with the Association of Latin American Insurance Supervisors (ASSAL) and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). They convene high-level representatives from Latin American insurance supervisory and regulatory authorities and insurance private decision makers in Latin America as well as officials, private sector representatives, NGOs and academics from OECD countries and other emerging economies.

The main purpose of these annual symposiums is to strengthen co-operation and policy dialogue with respect to insurance issues among policy makers in Latin America and with the international community –including the OECD. Besides, through the sharing of relevant international experiences, good practices and expertise, these conferences are aimed at assisting and guiding Latin American policy makers to better address particularly challenging risk or topical insurance issues in their countries with a view to develop sound, efficient and open insurance markets in Latin America within appropriate regulatory and supervisory frameworks.

Against this backdrop, this year's conference concentrated on:

  • Corporate governance of insurance companies, on which the OECD in collaboration with the IAIS is currently conducting an in-depth data collection and analytical work in the context of the revision of the OECD guidelines for insurers' governance.
  • Financial education focusing on the role of financial intermediaries in financial education. For the sake of this session, a dedicated questionnaire on the role of insurance intermediaries in financial education has been distributed to ASSAL members. This data collection should serve as a basis for the discussion under this panel.
  • A roundtable discussion on annuities and pensions.




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