Insurance Regulation and Supervision in Latin America: A Comparative Assessment



The insurance sector is a major component of the world economy. Insurance regulation and supervision play a key role in promoting and securing efficient insurance markets for the benefit and protection of policy holders. The importance of insurance regulation and supervision is reinforced by the integration of world insurance markets, which require an adequate regulatory framework in each jurisdiction.

This publication provides a comparative study of insurance regulation and supervision in 19 Latin American countries. It includes materials prepared for two policy dialogue meetings between OECD member countries and partner countries in Latin America to facilitate the co-operation and co-ordination among insurance regulators and supervisors.

The work constitutes an essential reference on insurance policy issues for policy-makers, supervisors, industry experts and academics. The report is part of the OECD's ongoing co-operation with non-member economies around the world.

This publication can be purchased online via the OECD Bookshop.


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