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OECD/IOPS Conference on Private Pensions in Asia


Thailand, Bangkok, 27-28 April 2005

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development jointly with the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors held a Conference on Private Pensions in Asia which took place on 27-28 April 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand. It was held under the aegis of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members with sponsorship by the Government of Japan and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

The key objective of the conference was to provide an international forum for the discussion on specific policy issues and challenges in the implementation of pension reforms in Asia with a particular focus laid on the reform process in Thailand and on “best practice” regulatory mechanisms used in the OECD countries to ensure efficient and appropriate pension provision under diversified approaches in the design of the retirement schemes. The issue of investors and fiduciary education was another crucial policy concern for the Asian-Pacific region that was addressed during the conference.

The conference brought together high-level governmental officials from regulatory and supervisory authorities, industry experts and academics specialising in pension economics and pension reform from the OECD member countries and the Asian-Pacific economies.


Session 1: Pension reform agenda in Thailand.

Session 2: Roundtable on pension systems developments in Asia:

Part a): Outsourcing of the investment of public pension assets to private sector managers.

Part b): Individual choice in retirement arrangements.

Session 3: IOPS activities:

Session 4: Cost and risk aspects of Defined Contribution pension plans:

Session 5: Protection in Defined Benefit Plans:

Session 6: Financial Education:

Part a): Communication campaigns and education programs for the pension plan members

Part b): Financial education for fiduciaries



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