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First Conference on Pension Regulation and Supervision in OECD and Latin American Countries


10-11 July 2003, San Jose, Costa Rica

This conference was jointly organised and sponsored by the International Association of Pension Funds Supervisory Organisms (AIOS), the Superintendency of Pensions of Costa Rica (SUPEN) and the OECD, under the aegis of the programme of the Centre for Co-operation with non-Members.

The objective of the conference was to create a forum for relevant officials and experts to exchange information, to promote high-level policy dialogue on private pensions between Latin American and the OECD members, and to learn from one another's experiences in this field through this event. To this end, the conference focused on major regulatory and supervisory issues relevant to the private pension systems in Latin America, particularly AIOS members, and in the OECD member countries.


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Session 1: Regulation of Pension Funds in the OECD and Latin American countries

Session 2: Structures of Supervision for Pension Funds

Session 3: Supervisory Methods: Licensing / On Going and Ex Post Supervision

  • Mr. Javier Cascante, SUPEN, Costa Rica
  • Mr. Ambrogio Rinaldi, COVIP-Pension Funds Supervision Commission, Italy
  • Mr. Mihaly Erdos, Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, Hungary

Session 4: Supervisory Techniques: Risk Based Supervision

Session 5: Supervision of Funding in DB Plans

  • Mr. Colin Pugh , Consultant, France
  • Mr. Adacir Reis, Secretary of Complementary Pensions, Brazil
  • Dr. Edgar Robles, SUPEN, Costa Rica

Session 6: Avoiding Conflicts of Interests

  • Ms. Lainie Patterson , Consultant, USA
  • Mr. Guillermo Larrain, President, AIOS
  • Mr. Carlos Weiss, Superintendent of Pensions, Argentina


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