Financial education and consumer protection

OECD Conference on Financial Education


21-22 September 2006 - New Delhi, India

This conference was hosted by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India and organised under the aegis of the OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee and the Committee on Financial Markets with sponsorship by the Government of Japan. High-level representatives from the Indian authorities (including the Ministry of Finance, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, the Reserve Bank and the Securities and Exchange Board) participated.

The OECD has established a far-reaching project to study financial education programmes in OECD member countries and selected non-member countries. The main objective of this project, which was recently supported by the G8 Ministers of Finance, is to assist policymakers and providers of financial education on how to efficiently address the problem of raising awareness about the importance of financial education and to provide guidance in designing and implementing effective and targeted programmes for improving the financial literacy of individuals.

This conference was held as a part of this on-going OECD project. It addressed a wide range of issues related to the development of education programmes for specific financial topics – including financial markets, private pensions and insurance - and also covered policy issues related to the public awareness campaigns and the disclosure of information. The conference also provided an opportunity to present the principles and good practices developed by the OECD in this area.


Opening Session

Session 1: Developing National Initiatives to Advance Financial Literacy

Session 2: Importance of Targeting Financial Education Campaigns to Vulnerable Groups

Session 3: Role of Financial Institutions in Financial Education

Session 4: How to Present Financial Information: Role of Disclosure in Complementing Financial Literacy Campaigns

Session 5: Financial Education and Pensions

Session 6: Financial Education and Insurance

Session 7: Financial Education Programmes


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