Financial education and consumer protection

G8 International Conference on Improving Financial Literacy


29-30 November 2006 - Moscow, Russian Federation

The G8 International Conference on Improving Financial Literacy was co-organised by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation and the OECD as a part of its on-going project on financial literacy.

The main objective of this conference was to highlight the need for financial education in both developed and developing countries. The conference therefore aimed to raise the awareness of governments, financial institutions and consumers about the importance of financial education and to examine countries’ experience, progress and good practices, including through presenting examples of efficient financial education tools and programmes. This conference also aspired, through dialogue and mutual understanding, to enhance the effectiveness and efforts to promote financial education at the international level - an approach that will be crucial for successfully achieving the much needed worldwide improvement in financial literacy.

Sessions in the conference covered: (i) impact of financial literacy on economic development, (ii) specific problems of vulnerable groups; (iii) financial education for pensions and insurance: raising awareness of risks; (iv) role of stakeholders in financial education and awareness campaigns; (v) evaluation of financial education programmes; (vi) best practices and next steps to improve financial literacy. The conference also provided an opportunity to present the principles and good practices developed by the OECD in this area.

High-level governmental officials from regulatory and supervisory authorities, industry experts and academics from OECD countries and non-OECD members’ economies attended the event.

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Session 1: Impact of Financial Literacy on Economic Development

Session 2: Specific Problems of Vulnerable Groups

Session 3: Financial Education for Pensions and Insurance : Raising Awareness of Risks

Session 4: Role of Stakeholders in Financial Education and Awareness Campaigns

Session 5: Evaluation of Financial Education Programmes

Session 6: Best Practices and Next Steps to Improve Financial Literacy


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