• 27-November-2012

    English, PDF, 1,969kb

    Quantification of Harm to Competition - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Competition authorities and courts are often called upon to quantify the harm to competition or the damages suffered by private parties due to anti-competitive conduct. Am OECD discussion revealed that competition agencies mainly agree on the quantitative methods used to measure harm while there is some disagreement about whether quantification is useful for competition agencies. This document compiles the documents of this discussion.

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  • 16-November-2012

    English, PDF, 10,347kb

    Commodity Price Volatility - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Since 2008 prices of primary commodities have increased significantly. This has led to calls for competition authorities to be more vigilant regarding anti-competitive practices and to deal with pressure from politicians and the media especially when basic foodstuffs are involved. This document includes the proceedings of a discussion on Commodity Price Volatility held during the OECD Global Forum on Competition in 2012.

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  • 30-October-2012


    Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement in Mexico - The State of Mexico Report, 2012

    This report documents procurement regulations and practices in the State of Mexico and makes policy recommendations in key procurement areas.

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  • 11-October-2012

    English, PDF, 3,208kb

    Market Definition - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Market definition is one of the most fundamental concepts underpinning any competition analysis. It provides a framework for the ultimate inquiry of whether a particular conduct or transaction is likely to produce anticompetitive effects. The OECD debated the topic in June 2012. These proceedings include the documents from this debate notably a background note by U. Schwalbe and F. Maier-Rigaud and 30 national contributions.

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  • 11-October-2012

    English, PDF, 1,866kb

    Unilateral Disclosure of Information with Anticompetitive Effects - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Greater transparency in the market is generally efficiency enhancing. It can also produce anticompetitive effects. Given the potential pro- and anti-competitive effects of unilateral announcements, competition agencies face the challenge of deciding how to handle these. These proceedings include an analytical note by Mr. Antonio Capobianco, an executive summary and summary of discussion as well as over 20 national contributions.

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  • 30-August-2012


    Competitive Neutrality: Maintaining a level playing field between public and private business

    This publication catalogues national practices that illustrate implementation of aspects or elements of competitive neutrality and highlights examples of challenges that may be encountered.

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  • 29-August-2012

    English, PDF, 2,532kb

    Promoting Compliance with Competition - Law Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Are criminal penalties an effective deterrent to cartels in all jurisdictions? What are the innovative methods used by competition authorities to promote compliance ? This publication compiles documents from a roundtable discussion held in 2011 on the topic.

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  • 29-August-2012

    English, PDF, 6,491kb

    Impact Evaluation of Merger Decisions - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    Ex post evaluations are an important instrument for assessing previous merger review decisions as well as for improving the quality of future decisions. This publication compiles documents from a roundtable discussion held in 2011 on the topic.

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  • 30-July-2012

    English, PDF, 2,070kb

    Remedies in Merger Cases - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of structural versus behavioural remedies for mergers? To which type of merger should each category apply? Designing effective remedies to counterbalance the anti-competitive effects of certain mergers is a challenging task for Competition Authorities, particularly for mergers with cross-border impact.

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  • 27-July-2012

    English, PDF, 2,219kb

    Economic Evidence in Merger Analysis - Competition Policy Roundtable - OECD

    How can Competition Authorities use economic evidence to effectively assess the potential anti-competitive effects of any given merger? How systematic should such an analysis be, and how reliable are its results? Are there lessons to be drawn from the various Best Practice Guidelines developed by a number of national jurisdictions?

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