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First Latin American Competition Forum - Background Note


Paris, 7-8 April 2003


The Latin American Competition Forum will promote dialogue, consensus building and networking between policymakers, and the identification and dissemination of best practices in competition law and policy in a collegial setting. Emphasis will be on sharing experience. Participants will be senior officials of Latin American competition authorities and other relevant institutions. Competition officials from OECD countries will be invited to provide a different perspective and to convey their experience.

The first session of the meeting will deal with competition as an organising principle of all economic and regulatory reform.

The following three sessions will discuss how the growing participation of foreign-owned firms has changed the landscape for competition and has created new challenges to regulatory and competition institutions. Reports on the impact of foreign direct investment in three sectors, financial services, electricity and telecommunications, will be debated. The sessions will aim at deriving policy lessons for regulators and for prospective reformers in the three sectors.

A roundtable discussion on challenges in the introduction of competition in Latin America will allow Latin American competition officials to exchange experiences among themselves, as well as with competition experts from countries where effective competition regimes have been established for a longer period.

Chile's competition institutions will be examined following the same methods developed for the review of competition institutions in OECD countries. Competition officials from Mexico and Canada will lead the review.

In the last session, participants will provide feedback on the first meeting and discuss topics that would be of interest in future meetings. Participants will also be invited to discuss how future work should be organised.

Questions on administrative matters could be addressed to Mrs. Morven Alexander-Drane in the OECD Competition Division and on substantive matters to Mr. Lennart Goranson. Written materials for the meeting will be made available to participants in advance.